Onyx Expo

Our company is the organizer of the international modeling exhibition "Onyx" in St. Petersburg.

The first Onyx exhibition was held on September 4-5, 2021. The event was visited by about 5 thousand people from different cities of Russia and abroad.

"Onyx" is an exhibition where we gather those interested in modelism, miniature painting, board games, as well as fans of comics, Middle Ages, fantasy, fantasy, and anime. It was the first large-scale modeling exhibition in St. Petersburg.

The participants could visit several thematic zones, as well as enjoy the spectacular and entertaining events:

  • Miniature painting contest;
  • Glass-less exhibition area;
  • Sales area;
  • Free painting master classes for children and beginners;
  • Masterclasses and lectures from experts in miniature painting and creation;
  • Presentations from participating companies;
  • An entertainment zone that included performances by musical bands, master classes in medieval battles, and a presentation of board games.

We created the Onyx Platform as a place to meet and share experiences of like-minded people among modeling fans, artists and sculptors, collectors, manufacturers, and sellers of miniatures and related materials. In the future, we plan to make the exhibition bigger and invite more people involved in the production and promotion of board games. You will be able to talk to the creators of famous games, see the presentation of new projects. You will also be able to take part in games, on professionally created playing fields and possibly find a company for your next adventures.

We have seen the interest in military and historical miniatures and plan to invite more participants related to this theme. But also of course there will be producers of miniatures, professional painters, and master-classes from painting experts.

Learn more about the program of the exhibition at https://onyx-expo.com/

Reviews, video reviews of the participants and more pictures from the exhibition can be seen in our VK group  https://vk.com/onyxexpo or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/onyx_expo/ 

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