For Artists

Every day you create characters and whole worlds for games and movies.

Want to create your character, a whole series, a diorama or a board game?

Do you want your fantasies to bring you a steady income? We will help you realize your fantasies and make a print run in plastic for FREE! 

  1. We make packaging and design.
  2. We will post products on our website with sales to the whole world. 
  3. We will make free advertising of your miniatures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yandex and Vkontakte.
  4. We will post your goods on eBay and Etsy.
  5. Ship the products to all our wholesalers. 
  6. We sell products at exhibitions, comic strips and markets.
  7. Organize Kickstarter.
  8. We will help to make a board game. 

Create, and we will take care of all the worries!)

If you have any questions contact us!


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