Concept Art Minaitures by Alena Medovnikova

Aoros Chronicles by Alena Medovnikova

— The world of Aoros is inhabited by 8 known races:

Nordoses — powerful warriors, firmly standing on the ground on their four paws;

Rodoses — denizens of foothills, not wishing to bow their heads crowned with horns before anybody

Kairs are pale-skinned thin-legged owners of the southern cities

Alkairies — winged women whose cities are hidden behind the clouds on the tops of the highest rocks.

Shaedrs are inhabitants of the deserts, reminding people more, in comparison with other races;

Deliers — cobby dwellers of sparse forests;

Sackrs — mysterious race of underground magicians, reminding giant insects;

Brieds — lords of the underwater world;

And a short interview with the creator of the series

Hello, my name is Alena Medovnikova, I have been working as a concept artist in the computer and video game industry for 10 years.

Why did you choose this profession?

—I always loved to draw on the computer, play games, and invent my own worlds and characters. It turned out all this can be combined together and get paid for it.

In addition to the work, I am developing my own fantasy world called AOROS CHRONICLES.

Tell us more about your project.

— I started working on it about 7 years ago. At first, it was a hobby where I thought up stories about my characters. But later I realized that

I want to create a full-fledged world, with many races and unusual lands, with my own history, politics, culture, where different adventures can take place.

And how do people learn more about your world?

— At the moment, I wrote the whole Lore, created the concepts of all races, their costumes, and architecture. Also, for the second year now I have been drawing a comic book “Sea Star”, and a new comic is coming.

A great opportunity was the creation of a series of miniatures so that collectors and fans of board role-playing games could also learn more about my project. Link to project news:

— Describe this series in more detail.

— Being a fan of RPGs, I understand that the combat system is an integral part, so the choice fell on the creation of military units of the 8 races of Aoros.

These are bright and charismatic warriors whose appearance and weapons are imbued with the culture of their peoples.

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