Alkairy 54 mm by Alena Medovnikova

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Tags: 54mm

Miniature for painting
Material: resin
Scale: 54 mm

This is the representative of the Alkairy race, the archer of the personal guard of the High Priestess Khali–ash–Alar.
Their people consist only of girls who continue their race at the expense of men from neighboring nations.
With their wings, they create vertical cities on steep cliffs to be protected from enemies and have access to the ocean — the main source of food.
The caste system allows them to be both priestesses of temples and adroit warriors of heaven.
Concept Art by Alena Medovnikova
Sold in a disassembled and unpainted form. 
"Concept Art miniatures" is a collection in which we collaborate with concept artists and sculptors, make author miniatures on the terms of a profitable partnership!
Sold in a disassembled and unpainted form. 
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