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What are we doing?
We make quality miniatures in 28 mm, 32mm, 40 mm, 54 mm, 1/9 and 1/30 scale. Fantasy, busts, historical miniatures and сartoon characters. Our brands: Cartoon Miniatures, Bustory, True History, Fantasy World.

Miniatures Shop ScaleBro
Buy painted and unpainted miniatures. 

Miniatures Manufacturing
We produce custom-made miniatures. We can come up with characters or bring your ideas, to make sculptures, 3d models and cast copies in resin, plastic or metal.
Jun 04, 2019
Hamsters An Unexpected Journey of Rodents Kickstarter Project

  [[image|1|1]] Furin and four hamsters hit the road. The Quest of the Hill begins. Furin wants to return back what is rightfully his. Now the Hill is captured by Agmouze and his henchmen. Countless treasures are in the hands of the gray brethren. Furin must take the throne to become ..

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