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Sergey Gusev - New ConceptArt Miniatures series!

Jun 25, 2020

Little Dragon

New Collection of Concept Art Miniatures Series by Sergey Gusev

About the sculptor
Since childhood,i've been instrested in different types of modeling. I began with aircraft and historical miniatures, later switched to “new” themes - Warhammer, Sci-fi and fantasy. At some point, the finished models began to be missed, I wanted to create more original projects, and so, gradually from conversion, I went on to engage in sculpture.


About Tiny Beasts Collection
With this line of miniatures, I would like to add a little irony and frivolity to collection. And yes, there must be more dragons in the world!

Concept Art Miniatures is a series in which we make miniatures with different artists in partnership! Email us to find out more!