White Raven new wargames miniatures

White raven makes a wargames miniatures in different themes

We already have a lot of wargame squads in our site and they continually produce new figures for 28mm (32mm) tabletops


Burning Demons

The Servants of the Lord of Thoughts feel at home amidst the flaming fjords and scorched islands in the seas of magma.
Even when the dancing flames and the swirling poisonous fog seem to appeal to the mortals, the fire demons calmly swim through cruelty and chaos.
No one can say for sure where these creatures come from and why they roam the Burning Tomb, but they are the eternal scourge of those who are trying to survive on scorched earth.
Scale: 32mm


Tunnel Rats

Tunnel rats come from a deadly jungle. They are brought up on the basis of the "survival of the fittest", which is why they are one of the most powerful fighters

Scale: 32mm


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