Hamsters An Unexpected Journey of Rodents Kickstarter available on our site!

Hamsters An Unexpected Journey of Rodents 

Furin and four hamsters hit the road. The Quest of the Hill begins. Furin wants to return back what is rightfully his. Now the Hill is captured by Agmouze and his henchmen. Countless treasures are in the hands of the gray brethren. Furin must take the throne to become the King under the Hill again.
All the miniatures are made on a 40mm scale, worked out, as always to the smallest details, by the sculptor Stepan Nikolaev
We tried to make a logical continuation of our Tail Brotherhood series, adhering to our quality standards.

Buy here https://scalebro.com/ru/miniatures/cartoon-miniatures/hamsters%3A-unexpected-journeys-of-rodent/

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