Sharp Tails Fantasy Football Kickstarter Project

Sharp Tails Fantasy Football Kickstarter Project

The main features of our Kickstarter are flexible resin, the ability to choose an already painted team, a dungeon-styled pitch, and a wooden organizer for storing everything you need to play.

Each of the 18 players is a unique miniature made by hand so they are very detailed and are a real work of art. We tried to make every miniature dynamic and unique, so that you get a great game impression. Some of the miniatures are exclusive for Kickstarter

As you can see upper we made a full team with custom markers and balls for game 

  • Linemens x6
  • Runners x4
  • Throwers x2
  • Blitzers x2
  • Star Player Rat Ogre
  • Star Player Kra-Ang
  • Star Player Rock Bop



Also we made a markers and balls for game

If you missed the opportunity to purchase them via Kickstarter, then do not worry, because they will be available this summer.


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