Trini 75mm

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Born in northern part of Trident, in one of the hive cities controlled by gang Zvezda. Trini's mom died shortly after Trini was born and the little girl was left with just her dad; leader of a small local gang. She grew up around criminals, their life style became normal for her and that gang became her family. Trini learned everything from martial arts to heavy weaponry but her heart was drawn towards bladed weapons. When she was only 14, she was just as good as the best members of her father's gang. When Trini was just over 18, a few smaller gangs in the area combined their forces and raided Trini's gang hideout. Everyone who was there got killed, including Trini's father. Luckily, she was away with a couple of members from her gang, dealing with problems in the next town over. When she came back and found what had happened, she swore she would avenge each gang member who died there. It took Trini 5 years but she killed every single person who was involved in the raid on the base. After that unfortunate event, nothing else was holding her back and she traveled around the lands of Trident. Trini became a "freelancer", working for all kinds of gangs making money the way she knew best - killing people.
Sсфду: 75mm
Material: resin
Includes unpainted and disassembled miniature and 40mm round base
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