Kirk 75mm

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Tags: 75mm,wargames

Born and raised in Hades, capital of the land associated with gang Cerberus. Kirk was introduced to hard labor at a very young age and started working with his father when he was in his early teens. Even though the work they did was physically demanding and exhausting, he still enjoyed wrenching on all kinds of pieces of heavy duty machinery.That's where Kirk lost his arm to an unfortunate work accident. But house Cerberus offered Kirk to cover the price for his bionic arm if in exchange he joined the fight at the border of lands of Cerberus and The Wasteland. During that war, Kirk was recruited to Hellhounds Unit. Hellhounds were genetically and bionically enhanced soldiers that were trained and modified to fight in the harshest conditions and against even harsher enemies. At one of the raids in the Wasteland, the Hellhounds Unit was overwhelmed by an insane amount of mutants. Majority of the squad was killed, while the rest were captured. Once mutants figured out they would not be able to get any valuable strategic information or any other thing from the captured soldiers, the mutants tied them up, including Kirk and buried them alive. Kirk had to literally chew his way out and get back to The Wall.
Scale: 75mm by eye
Material: resin
Includes unpainted and disassembled miniature and 40mm round base
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