Fog 75mm

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Tags: 75mm,wargames

Little is known about Fog. No one knows how his face looks like, where he came from, or how old he is. Even his real name is unknown. Rumors say Fog has been around for hundreds of years and works for house Nihonto. He is stealthy and a silent killer. Fog comes out of nowhere, gets the job done and disappears just as quickly as he appears.  The only evidence of him ever being in any area is the dead body he leaves behind (or bodies if things go South) which is where Fog's name comes from. He never kills more people than necessary. Moreover, he always leaves at least one survivor to spread rumors and fear throughout the land. 
Sсфду: 75mm
Material: resin
Includes unpainted and disassembled miniature and 40mm round base
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